Covid-19 Is Making Website Accessibility More Important Than Ever!

Experts monitoring a website

Due to COVID-19, consumer-facing industries (e.g., retail, restaurants, hospitality, banking, online education, etc.) are benefiting from an increase in online order demands. Businesses must ensure that their websites are accessible to everyone.

Are your website designs Accessible?

As you look to design and build new websites, or redesign and upgrade your client’s existing site, it’s important to think about accessibility.

ADA WebGuard specializes in consulting with website developers and designers to ensure their products meet ADA and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  We have a team of certified experts that can assist you with all digital accessibility challenges that you may face.

We offer Do-It-yourself website assessments!

Now you can check your own website’s accessibility in 3 easy steps with ADA WebGuard’s EZ Check Do-It-Yourself application.