EZ Check® Do-It-Yourself website accessibility testing

Your Guide to Making ADA Compliance and Accessibility Simple

EZ Check is ADA WebGuard’s website compliance and accessibility evaluation auditing platform. EZ Check performs a fast page-by-page website evaluation (ADA compliance testing) adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance standards and Web Content Accessibility guidelines (WCAG) success criteria.

Begin your EZ Check website accessibility audit and start to understand the level of your website’s accessibility and compliance.  Our EZ Check Audit will identify non-compliance issues related to your website, and provide you with a fully comprehensive report.

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Computer IconIdentify your website’s non-compliance and accessibility issues.

Understandable IconUnderstand issue with our simply put, easy to follow descriptions.

Future IconRemediate recommendations to help correct your accessibility issues.

Business IconConsult with one of our certified accessibility experts.

3 Simple Steps to EZ Check

We are dedicated to creating experiences that deliver results for your business and for your consumers.

Step 1

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Create an account and start your ADA website compliance audit.

Creating an account allows you to access your website’s ADA compliance reports at your connivence.

Enter the URL’s you wish to check for Accessibility

You can manually input URL’s (website pages), upload your website’s sitemap (a downloadable list of webpages), or upload a csv file (a spreadsheet of webpages).

Step 2

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Step 3

Download your easy to understand report

The report will contain the following:
  1. Any website compliance errors found using ADA WebGuard’s EZ Check automated audit tool.
  2. Potential website accessibility issues that require an expert manual review
  3. Direct link to the WCAG guideline that is associated with those issues requiring further explanation.
  4. The location of the website coding that will easily identify each potential compliance and accessibility issue
  5. Explanation of each issue

Understanding ADA WebGuard's EZ Check website compliance audit application

Once you have scanned your websites URL’s (web pages), If there are non-compliant or ada accessibility issues, they will be shown in two categories: Errors, and Manual Review Required.  If the non-compliant issues are under Errors, it is something that is detected automatically by software automation. This accounts for anywhere between 30-40% of the 78 guideline checks. However, most accessibility issues in the coding of websites cannot be easily detected and require manual review by an expert. The reason is that the intricacy of correcting non-compliance issues is detailed and can only be repaired line by line by correcting the actual website coding which cannot be repaired through automation. As such, ADA WebGuard certified expert consultants can assist you, your IT professional or your web developer in identifying and correcting each line of coding on each URL (website page) to be fully ADA compliant and accessible.

Here are 6 of the 78 WCAG total success criteria used to determine accessibility and compliance

Automation Technology
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Automated Testing:

FORM FIELDS Automated tests that make sure that all entry fields have labels

COLOR Automated tests verify that color combinations in a text are used appropriately

LINKS Automated testing quickly determines that all links are functioning as they are supposed to

Manual Auditing:

SKIP TO MAIN CONTENT LINK This prevents users from having to go through your entire navigation over and over again just to get to the main content of your page

PAGE TITLES Is what is visible in tabs or bookmarks and should be appropriate to the page content

HEADINGS accurately describes the content

WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 has a total of 78 Success Criteria Guidelines 

How Our Pricing Works

For each EZ Check scan of up to 100 URL (webpages) with unlimited domains is $50. Each additional URL past 100 in that same scan is 50 cents.

You may log in at no charge for additional copies of your report. 

ADA WebGuard EZ Check for Web Developers and Designers

ADA Team

Protect your clients

Quickly and easily assess automated issues to determine your current risk for being non-compliant. 


Remediation assistance

The detailed report will provide you with the exact location of the non-compliant code along with an explanation and reference links to easily assist you during the remediation process.


Professional Reliability

Providing your clients with accessible design and content can make you an indispensable asset to their companies.

What to Do After Your ADA Compliance Audit is completed?

After you review your website ada accessibility report for errors, manual check required, and potential defects, these items then should be addressed immediately. Having these non-compliant issues addressed can eliminate difficulty for your disabled customers as well as to help you avoid potentially expensive litigation.

Please contact us to review report results at no charge.