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Ongoing Website Accessibility Monitoring

Becoming Compliant is Primary, Remaining Compliant is Essential!

Once ADA WebGuard has remediated your website, you can then sign up for a subscription to ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software.  ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software® will transform the way websites get in ADA compliance and maintain ADA compliance.

ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software Seal

ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software will monitor (scan) your domain Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Bi-Annually to identify any possible issues that may violate WCAG 2.1 success criteria. In ADA WebGuard’s Monitoring Software platform, you will immediately get an overview of how your website is doing with accessibility, including a total count of issues and which pages they occur on. 

Once your company subscribes to ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software, after each scan you will receive a status report about your company’s website accessibility condition via email.  Your status report can also be easily accessed in our Monitoring Software platform. Access to our user-friendly dashboard and email reporting will allow you to review your reports when issues arise so you can immediately remediate your website or task the job to our team.

Our Product and Services team will be happy to answer all questions you may have as to this most important service.

Get the documentation and help that you need when you need it!

Experts monitoring a website

We realize that not all businesses have accessibility experts, We DO! ADA WebGuard will work with your web developer, designer or host if you aren’t sure how to fix an issue.  Just click on the Help Center icon and you will get detailed information about the non-compliant website issue.  We will then provide you with instructions for remediation and even examples of code that will pass to create compliance.

Accessibility Prioritization

ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software® will organize non-compliance issues according to WCAG standards. We then, at your request either remediate or help you to remediate the most major non-compliant issues to minimize your immediate risk, and then complete the remediation of the remaining open non-compliant issues.

Accessibility Education

ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software provides detailed information to educate your team on how to remediate non-compliant issues in your website. 

Golden Eagle Seal

Our trademarked ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software seal will be placed on your website indicating that your website is being monitored.

ADA WebGuard Monitoring Software Seal
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Is your website accessible to people with disabilities?

Find out now!  We will provide your company a FREE WEBSITE ASSESSMENT and we will review the results with you at no charge!

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