Have you ever been asked if your website is “ADA compliant”?

picture with the phrase Web Accessibility

Have you ever been asked if your website is ADA compliant? Most individuals have never thought twice about their website being ADA compliant, all they know about ADA is in the physical world, businesses and organizations include wheelchair ramps, Braille signage or audio signals, standardized door widths, grab bars, and more.

Yet websites and other digital platforms that are not built accessibly often exclude potential users and visitors who have disabilities. Digital Accessibility empowers individuals with disabilities to independently navigate, browse, use, and otherwise interact with your digital content. Because many organizations don’t often think about building in accessibility when first creating a website or application, remediation is often a valid solution for complying with recognized accessibility standards.

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that commercial and public entities provide access and accommodation for individuals with a range of disabilities.

In 2010, the law was amended to include websites as well, since they were also classified as a “place of public accommodation.”

Go to ADAWebGuard.com or call (833) 232-9321 for more information on making your website ADA compliant and accessible to all.