Have you advised your clients to check their websites for ADA Accessibility?

Gavel on top of a laptop with the scales of justice in the background

Federal Courts across the country have already ruled that certain governmental, business and professional websites are considered “public accommodations” and covered by Title III of the American With Disabilities Act (ADA).  Website accessibility lawsuits are increasing every day, there were 2,235 lawsuits filed in 2019, that’s about 1 per hour.

Businesses such as e-commerce, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, retail outlets, social services centers, laundromats, accountants, lawyer’s offices, health care offices, schools, banks, etc. fall into the category of “public accommodations,” and are required to comply.

Are your client’s websites ADA Compliant and clear from legal challenges?  ADA WebGuard will provide you with a FREE Website Accessibility Assessment for each of your client’s websites.